The Cargo Center is located in the extension area of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds and serves as the central goods receiving and distribution department on the exhibitions grounds. The objective was to establish a new Cargo Center on minimal space in order to keep the rentable outside area at a maximum, for open-air events and/or as extension space for the planned exhibition halls. The facade design clearly indicates the use of the building. Also the orientation and shape of the building achieve this purpose. The representative side of the hall is orientated towards the open space.

The office building on the Eastern edge of the hall is designed as a 4-storey building bridging the lorry access platform on a lower level enabling the lorries to be loaded and unloaded at ground level. This shortens the ways and reduces the need for shunting and unloading spaces. The unloaded goods are temporarily stored in the Cargo Center and brought with forklifts to their designated location on the premises. The hall is divided into a central receiving and picking area as well as two flexible warehouse areas, which allow open storage and shelves up to 7.5m high. The entire hall is accessible for forklifts and trucks.

The shell of the Cargo Center consists of a prefabricated construction made of timber and concrete. High concrete fork supports are spun in and bear the timber roof construction, which consists of 2m high structural composite lumber with a span of 21m layered with 10m long timber purlins. The roof (made of trapezoidal sheet metal) will get an extensive green covering. The hall is gird by a 1m high, prefabricated skirting made of concrete, which serves simultaneously as protection against collisions and shunting as well as frost protection.