The first thing is to get away from the neighboring houses that cover those views. The second is to place a piece nailed to the ground. A stone stuck as it has been doing always in Galicia. A clean, resounding volume with very little surface in plant, and therefore with little movement of earth, which rises in the land, controlling it and taking part of it. To adapt the piece to the slope they split it in two, developing the house in half floors, which generates a spiral circulation in the house, going from one room to another without corridor. Each half floor is a different space.

Finally, the house is turned slightly relative to the plot to look for the views and the southwest, with some punctual hollows to the other orientations. The neighbors and the road will see a closed house, the garage takes part of the closure of the plot. Another problem to solve is the car access. On a plot with so much slope, it is difficult to bring the cars down. It is preferable to leave them as soon as possible, and then gradually go down to the house, without stress and taking a little air.

Source: Casa Cuarto y Mitad