Saint Benedict Abbey is a Benedictine monastery established in Vaals, Netherlands, where their most famous buildings are designed by Dutch monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan. He is one of the exceptional architects that made a fundamental contribution to church building and his masterpiece is the abbey, the place where he spent most of his life. The choice of rough and austere materials coupled with a complete lack of decoration underlines Van der Laan’s interest in an architecture completely defined by proportional rules and control of light.

The Benedectin Abbey was built starting in 1922 as a simple quadrilater with two towers marking the corners and left unfinished for several years. In 1968 the main church, a crypt and an atrium were added following a project by Hans Van der Laan, who also designed the library, a sacristy and an open arcade around a new cloister, eventually completed in 1986.