At the suggestion of the client, Eduardo was asked to make an exhibition gallery and an auditorium inside of a spiral ramp which gives access to terrace-level parking. The remaining space inside the ramp is a cylinder which measures 12 m in diameter by 22 m high, covered at the top but leaving some area open to allow light to pass. The implantation of the auditorium on the ground floor seemed natural, as well as the necessity to construct a screen/wall to delimit the space, secure the stair, and to improve the dramatic acoustics of the room.

Adobe brick with open joints was used to minimize some of the reverberation, as was the placement of furniture in the center of the room. Natural light reflects off the white ceiling and provides brightness during the day. At other times it enters and draws half-circles on the curved walls. Indirect lighting at night is made by street lights, because the scale demands it.