The Imam Reza shrine is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza. It is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest by capacity. Also contained within the complex are the Goharshad Mosque, a museum, a library, four seminaries, a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, a dining hall for pilgrims, vast prayer halls, and other buildings. The tomb chamber is located underneath a golden dome, with elements dating back to the twelfth century. The shrine itself covers an area of 267,079m2. The complex is one of the tourism centers in Iran. 

Under the rule of the Islamic Revolution, the shrine has been expanded with new courts, a library and an Islamic university. This expansion in effect reverses the ‘beautification’ project of Pahlavi Shahs Riza and Muhammed Riza, in which all structures adjacent to the shrine complex were cleared to form a large green lawn and circular boulevard, isolating the shrine from its urban context.