The Cerezales Antonino and Cinia Foundation is a private institution, focused on the development of the territory and the transfer of knowledge to society through two channels: cultural production and ethno-education. The Foundation is (economically) sustainable thanks to the support of its founder, D. Antonino Fernández. The main activities that the Foundation performs include: art, music, environment, sociology and economics, among other disciplines. The institutional policy of the Foundation’s takes as key argument its focus on developing an open culture, and the production and distribution of knowledge in favour of citizenship. As land development agency acts as a link between projects and local, regional, national and transnational agents.

Located since 2008 in the former schools of Cerezales, a town located 23km away from León, in the northwest of Spain, the Cerezales Antonino and Cinia Foundation hosts activities such as: exhibitions, concerts, workshops, seminars, residence projects, productions, co-productions with other institutions and agents, festivals, trips, routes, and projects related to the study and respect for the environment. Due to continued growth of the Foundation’s activities, the visits to the Centre and the need for simultaneous activities, the Cerezales Antonino and Cinia Foundation decides to expand its space.

This expansion is projected as a paper fan, located at the top of the plot, level +882.80, consisting of ground floor and first floor above ground level and some deposits  for building facilities underground. This is a detached building, which follows the geometric and constructive criteria of traditional architecture, with features such as gable roof, wood framing and cladding, etc… At the same time it allows to distribute the different uses associated with the Foundation, now located in the insufficient space of the schools, 5 buildings longitudinal development oriented north-south with its program distributed in two floors.

Source: AZPML