The house to be restored is situated in the geometric centre of the small village of Arga de Cima. It comprises a main 2-storey body, with no interior vertical circulation, and an outhouse. It is located on an irregular plot, enclosed by a wall in local stone, a mix of granite and schist. The design transforms the ground floor spaces, formerly partially exterior, into living spaces (bedrooms) and the first floor spaces, which were partitioned before, into one continuous space (lounge and kitchen). The lack of internal circulation areas led to the construction of a small side body to introduce a double height entrance hall and a staircase.

The need for higher ceilings, larger spans and circulation space is solved by means of a concrete member placed on the original stone mass to fill in the existing irregularities horizontally and vertically, transforming the space and the built image. The intervention is patent in the final image of the work. It is characterised by the contrast between the existing construction in stone, its vernacular unevenness and the precise geometry of the white concrete mass that fills and enlarges it.

Source: arga – brandao costa arquitectos