The architects found an attic with many volumetric possibilities thanks to its hidden gable roof. In the middle of the plant appears a new but traditional forged that covers the central part of the apartment. This cover divides the volume in to two. In one side creates one extremely human scale space, that contents the entrance and the wet areas –kitchen and bathroom–; in the other side it offers the main space that is exposed to the façade and that take advantage of the high of the roof.

The dividing east wall absorbs the bathroom and the kitchen cabinet as if they were dilations in the wall itself; created by different depths that linked together through different white textures envelopes.

The dividing west wall is kept clean, with the only disruptions where the micro-perforated iron staircase rests. A crude iron sheet of 5 mm divides the kitchen bar from the stair. In the top floor the enclosures are resolved with a tubular iron frames with a cellular polycarbonate sheet, allowing a variable and flexible relationship between the mezzanine and the lower space.